NCP Contracting

Northern Civil Pipelines

Indigenous owned and operated.

NCP Contracting - Pictures



The links under this menu , will display pictures in a variety of formats.

The photographs will be in different categories, where these categories represent different work projects we have conducted.

The 3D Wall Layout

Most of the pictures (categories), are in a 3D Wall Layout (the exception is the Hitachi Breakout magazine). This is 3D Wall is quite eyecatching, but there are a couple of issues with this layout:

  • It takes a little while to load, but the effect is good.
  • This format is a 'Flash' format.  This is a great facility, but unfortunately Apple have ceased support of this format, therefore, it may not be viewable on more recent Apple products (iPhone, Mac computers etc).

We will leave this format on the website for the immediate future, (because it is so nice), but if we find more people using Apple devices to view our website, we will change the format to the category list type, which is viewable by all devices.

When viewing the pictures in this format, you can make them full screen by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the wall (see image below).

You can navigate through the images by using the mouse to flip through the pictures, or you can use the keyboard arrow keys to move around.


The Category Layout

The Hitachi Breakout magazine images are in the normal format, which can be viewed by any device.

You can view the actual issue of the magazine (in PDF format), by clicking on the link (circled in the image below).


We hope you like these images, and we will add to them periodically.