NCP Contracting

Northern Civil Pipelines

Indigenous owned and operated.


Management Policies


At NCP contracting we believe that very little can be fully understood, and even less can be improved unless there are fully documented, supported continually updated policies and procedures.

Any company with a goal of operating as a sustainable organisation will always face challenges for management, staff, stakeholders and clients, as technology, services and projects change in our constantly changing world.

In this changing environment, NCP Contracting will continue to develop and align its capability and skills to meet the opportunities and threats imposed by this change.

To this end, we have specific policies on a variety of elements, including, but not limited to:

  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Worksite protocols
  • Equipment maintenance and operation
  • Client and customer relations

While all are important, we believe that those of fundamental importance relate to:

Our website outlines some of our policies on these issues, and can be viewed by clicking directly on those above, or by using the appropriate links elsewhere in the website.

These links are in a few other places on the website, emphasing the importance we place on them.