NCP Contracting

Northern Civil Pipelines

Indigenous owned and operated.


Quality Policies

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NCP Contracting is committed to providing a Quality based service to all of our clients.


In summary the company will try to:


  • Provide a level of Quality in our work that has been requested by the clients we work for.
  •  Satisfy or exceed our client's expectations and at all times present an image to customers of the client that the client would expect of their own staff
  •  Continually inprove our practices, and all accept the culture of reviewing what we have done, with the aim to improve the way we work.
  •  Staff shall be encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities though teamwork and focused task groups.
  •  Company management  is fully committed to their Quality Policy through active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership by exampleAll employees are encouraged to seek explanation and advice at all times when in doubt.

 We can only achieve this level of Quality Service if we strive to improve ourselves with training and ensure we all know what the correct method of working is.

We must remember that the way we complete our activities has an effect on the ability of the next person to complete their work and achieve the level of quality desired.

We currently use CCF- SCIMS ( Small Contractor Intergrated Management System), which complies with the requirements of the Civil Contractors Management Code, which in turn is based on the higher level Standards of ISO 9001-2008.