NCP Contracting

Northern Civil Pipelines

Indigenous owned and operated.


Workplace Health & Safety




NCP Contracting is committed to providing for the health,safety and welfare of employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by our work site.

Safety is only achieved if we all work together.

Management has responsibilities to

  • Provide a safe work place and safe work procedures.

Staff and Employees have a responsibility to:

  • Adopt a possitive attitude to safety and work within the company's procedures and instructions.

The company's policies and instructions must not only be read and understood but more particularly applied each day. These procedures and instructions cannot possibly cover every situaton. If you are in doubt or f you are not clear on some point , ask your Manager or Supervisor.

Almost all accidents can be prevented. Our joint attitude,your co-operation, your sense of awareness to the risks of accidents, will help to avoid needless suffering to yourself, your family and the community in general.

The company will establish a site safety committee at each site  that will include each employee. Regular Toolbox Meetings will be held and this is the way all employees can have a say in the way we managend work safely.

Rescources in line with the importance attached to Occupantion Health and Safety will be made available to comply with all relevant Act and Regulations and to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.


To ensure a safe working environment for all emplyees, NCP Contracting will:

  • Develop and maintain safe systems of work, and a safe working environment.
  • Consult with employees on safety.
  • Provide protective clothing and equipment, and enforce its use when required.
  • Provide information and training for its employees.
  • Assess all risks before work starts on new areas of operation ( for example buying new equipment and setting up new work methods) and regularly reviewing the risks.
  • Remove unacceptable risks to safety.
  • Conduct regular workplace inspections and evaluations.
  • Report, record and analyse incidents ,accidents, injuries  and illness.
  • Provide employees and contractors with adequate  facilities ( such as clean toilets, clean drinking water and hygienic eating areas).
  • Ensure the well-being of all staff. To do this, NCP Contracting  may request that you leave your employment for the day or as long as required ( if 2 or more days, a Doctor's Certificate or Statutory Declaration is required) if NCP Contracting Management believe that you may be putting the health and safety  of other staff members at risk. In the interest of public health and infection control, staff with any "flu-like" illness, should remain at home and seek medical advice.

All persons responsible for the work activities of other employees are accountable for:

  • Identifying  practices and conditions that could injure employees, clients, members of the public or our environment.
  • Controlling such situations or removing the risk to safety. If unable to control such practices and conditions, report these to their Manager.
  • Making sure workers use Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE) and training workers to use PPE corretly.
  • Making sure PPE is maintained and working properly.

NCP Contracting demands a positive, proactive attitude and performace with respect to protecting Heath, Safety and the Environment by all employees, irrespective of their position, and the following conditions apply to all staff and contractors/subcontractors working at NCP Contracting sites:

Footwear- in the interest of safety and in accordance with the Work Health Act appropriate footwear must be worn in all areas. Footwear such as thongs is not allowed.

Accidents- accidents/near misses or sickness at work must be reported  immediately to the Supervisor  or Manager. All accidents / nearmisses must be recorded on an incident form by the relevant Supervisor.

Fire Procedures- all employees are required to make themselves familiar with fire procedures and equipment.

Drinking and/or drug use- any person reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be allowed to work and may jeopardise their employment.

No alcohol is to be consumed during working hours or lunch breaks.

Safety- at work is both an individual and shared responsibility of all staff. Should any member of staff have any concerns abouth Health and Safety, they should contact the Manager.

Sun Protection- All employees  who are required to work outdoors should wear a combination of long sleeved shirts, hats and use sunscreen at all times.

Special Heath needs- If you have Special Health needs , it is your responsibility to make your Manager aware of your own requirements and if necessary, make arangements to have a supply of medication etc on hand.

Supervisors must understand that the Heath, Safety and rehabilitation Policies will be subject to continual improvement and that the process of Policy implementation will receive the necessary management commitment and resources. Responsibiliies and authorities for the implementation of the Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Policies, Procedures and Plans lie with the Manager. The Manager will review the legislation relevant to all States and Territories and update business processes to comply.

All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that staff are aware and comply with the Health and Safety Policies, procedures and Legislative requirements, which are available.

When an  injury has occured, the Manager shall ensure that the rehabilitation process is commenced as soon as possible in a manner that is consistent with medical judgement. The aim is to ensure that early return to work by an injured person is a normal expectation and practice.

The Manager will ensure the Emergency Procedures are displayed in the workplace  and reviewed at least  annually with all staff.

It is the expectation that all staff are active in identifying risks within the workplace, notifying the Manager of issues as they arise and to ensure the Heath and Safety is a responsibility of all staff in a day to day basis.