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Northern Civil Pipelines

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Training and Development


Training and Development


We realise that knowledge of equipment and processes, and environment is fundamental to safe and efficient work practises.

We also know that having skilled and competent employees is vital to our success and reputation. NCP is committed to providing the training our employees need, to fully develop their skills and potential. Every stakeholder benefits from this investment in training, including:

  • Our clients
    • by having a competent and knowledgable workforce, skilled in the competent and safe use of equipment
  • Our employees
    • by increasing their individual skillsets
  • NCP Contracting
    • by having efficient and safe employees, thereby adding to our already excellent reputation

It is for these reasons, and others, that we are committed to providing our employees with appropriate training and development opportunities. These opportunities include:

On-the-Job Training

Training in one form or another is an on-going part of our daily routine.Needs are discussed with site managers and specific training is provided where necessary.

Operator Training

Our employees log their hours on various equipment, which is later assessed by a qualified assessor.

Externally Assessed Training

On occasion, a more formal process is used, where employees are assessed by external organisations including:

  • Civil Contractors Federation
  • TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

Internal Mentoring

Support and skills transfer is assisted by having employees, especially recent starters, linked up with an on-site mentor. This provides both technical guidance in terms of the equipment and site procedures, and also a cultural support in emphasising the team-oriented nature of NCP Contracting, and its importance to our business and our clients.

Management Training

Both back-office and line management supervisors are currently Cert IV qualified in OH&S, and operator management.